What is Piccolo?

Piccolo is a fast, easy to learn ORM and query builder.

Some of it’s stand out features are:


Piccolo was created while working at a design agency, where almost all projects being undertaken were API driven (often with high traffic), and required web sockets. The author was naturally interested in the possibilities of asyncio. Piccolo is built from the ground up with asyncio in mind. Likewise, Piccolo makes extensive use of type annotations, another innovation in Python around the time Piccolo was started.

A really important thing when working at a design agency is having a great admin interface. A huge amount of effort has gone into Piccolo Admin to make something you’d be proud to give to a client.

A lot of batteries are included because Piccolo is a pragmatic framework focused on delivering quality, functional apps to customers. This is why we have templating tools like piccolo asgi new for getting a web app started quickly, automatic database migrations for making iteration fast, and lots of authentication middleware and endpoints for rapidly building APIs out of the box.

Piccolo has been used extensively by the author on professional projects, for a range of corporate and startup clients.