Installing Piccolo


You need Python 3.7 or above installed on your system.


Now install Piccolo, ideally inside a virtualenv:

# Optional - creating a virtualenv on Unix:
python3 -m venv my_project
cd my_project
source bin/activate

# The important bit:
pip install piccolo

# Install Piccolo with PostgreSQL or CockroachDB driver:
pip install 'piccolo[postgres]'

# Install Piccolo with SQLite driver:
pip install 'piccolo[sqlite]'

# Optional: orjson for improved JSON serialisation performance
pip install 'piccolo[orjson]'

# Optional: uvloop as the default event loop instead of asyncio
# If using Piccolo with Uvicorn, Uvicorn will set uvloop as the default
# event loop if installed
pip install 'piccolo[uvloop]'

# If you just want Piccolo with all of it's functionality, you might prefer
# to use this:
pip install 'piccolo[all]'


On Windows, you may need to use double quotes instead. For example pip install "piccolo[all]".