Advanced Playground Usage


If you want to use Postgres instead of SQLite, you need to create a database first.

Install Postgres

See the docs on settings up Postgres.

Create database

By default the playground expects a local database to exist with the following credentials:

user: "piccolo"
password: "piccolo"
host: "localhost"  # or
database: "piccolo_playground"
port: 5432

You can create a database using pgAdmin.

If you want to use different credentials, you can pass them into the playground command (use piccolo playground run --help for details).


When you have the database setup, you can connect to it as follows:

piccolo playground run --engine=postgres


The playground is built on top of iPython. We provide sensible defaults out of the box for syntax highlighting etc. However, to use your own custom iPython profile (located in ~/.ipython), do the following:

piccolo playground run --ipython_profile

See the iPython docs for more information.